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1. Pick a team name that is unique. Try to stay away from the Dodgers, Angels, etc. Makes it easier for us!

2. Uniforms:

  • A simple tshirt with logo and numbers is good. Best to go inexpensive as some kids may either quit playing or move to another team in 2 years. Then at the PeeWee level they can invest in a more expensive uniform if they wish.
  • Pick the color of the pants as soon as possible. Some stores do not restock once their inventory is depleted and small sizes are difficult to find sometimes. Same goes for the helmet with cages (NOTE: This only applies to TBall).
  • Look for special Sports Authority coupon offers from Sansei Baseball.
  • Be sure to buy big as the kids grow so fast and they need to wear this for 2 seasons.

3. Equipment:

  • Helmets - All Tball participants must wear Helmets WITH FULL FACE CAGE when batting. NOTE: Helmets are optional in the outfield accept for PITCHER, CATCHER, and FIRST BASE.
  • Protective Cups (Boys Only) - recommended for boys so they become used to them
  • Glove
  • Bat - Ask your local sports store salesperson for fitment guides or check internet for recommendations.

4. Team website
It is super helpful to use a sports team website to communicate messages to your team parents throughout the week. Shutterfly is useful by including a calendar, roster, snack duties, polls, photos, and more. Check it out.

5. Collecting Fees
Use a payment service ie. Paypal or Venmo to collect fees from your team. Each team submits ONE payment to the League for each collection (ie. Registration Fees, Apparel Sales, Dodger Night, etc).

6. Pre Game
NOTE: Field preparation should NOT be a coach duty. Teams are encouraged to do field prep so the Coach(es) can prepare the Team for play.

  • Level homeplate and any dips in the infield with the rake.
  • Drag the baselines
  • Use provided hose to wet the baselines from home to first and third to home. Wet just enough to hold paint from the striper.
  • Use provided paint striper to paint a line from home to first and from third to home.
  • OPTIONAL FOR TBALL: Use the provided batter's box template to spray the batters box.

7. Post Game

  • Be respectul to the next game by clearing the dugout area after your game.
  • Keep snack tables away from the bleachers so the next group of spectators can have a spot to watch their game.

8. Last game of the day

  • Gather equipment (rake, hose, etc) and place in designated spot near the home team dugout.
  • Gather bases and place with equipment.
  • Place baseplugs back into base posts.

9. Take-a-Chance Gift Basket
We collect raffle baskets or items as a fundraiser for League costs. We ask that the value be at least $30. Baskets can have a theme (ie. “A Night Out”, “Shopping Spree”, “Summer Fun”, “Coffee Time”, etc.) OR we have seen Gift Cards in frames, bicycles, Skateboards, Surfboards, etc. Gift baskets should be cellophane wrapped along with your gift items listed with an estimated value of the basket on a tag.