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Skills Competition

The Skills Competition is a friendly contest where each player participates in three different skill events: Hitting (Distance), Throwing (Accuracy), and Running (Timed for Speed). Parent Volunteers are asked to assist at the various skills stations, which helps a great deal in ensuring the event runs smoothly.

Hitting Skill
Each player is allowed four hits from a stationary tee. The spot at which the ball first touches the ground determines the distance measurement.

Throwing Skill
Each player is allowed four throws at a scoring target board with a hole in the center. Points will be recorded for balls thrown through the center hole or those hitting the target board. Throwing distances are based on division level.

Running Skill
Each player is timed by running from a designated starting line to home plate. Total run time will be converted to a point total. Running distances are based on division level.

Photo Day

Photo Day is an opportunity for each team to take a team photo together, as well as individual player photos. The basic photo package (team photo, individual player photos, & individual player photo button) are covered by Sansei Baseball League. Additional photo sizes and memorabilia are available for purchase as desired.