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How much does it cost?
Fee is $75 per player PLUS additional mandatory fees. Sibling discounts and additional fees can be found on the Registration Page > Step 3. NOTE: Only siblings who are Sansei League members qualify for the discount.

When and where are games played?
All games are played either on Saturday or Sunday. Older divisions may play both days. All baseball games are played at North High School and all softball games are played at Guenser Park.

When are practices?
Practices are determined by each team based on the team's availability. The coach can provide drills you can do with your child at home if scheduling is a problem. Check out the coach's resource page for instructional videos.

Does a player's age determine what division he/she should play in?
Age is a factor, however, SBL commissioners look at skill level with an emphasis on player safety. Meaning, if a younger player doesn't struggle playing at a higher level, it is possible to move the Player up one division. Take a look at the Rules and commissioners/coaches/parents should be able to determine whether or not the player will be successful in that division (which is the ultimate goal of Sansei).

Can you play a division twice?
If you think the player will struggle, then they can play a division again as long as they are within the age/grade requirements. Also consult with the parents to see what they would want their child to do.

Can girls play baseball?

How many Players should be on a team?
For most teams, 11-14 Players is a good number to shoot for. For T-Ball teams, you can go as high as 16. This allows for Player absences and give you the best chance to field a team to play each weekend.

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